The Heart and Brain Center of Excellence’s team of neurosurgeons in Pleven saved a 64-year-old patient with three brain metastasis using an ultrasound resection

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The specialists from the neurosurgery clinic at the Hearth and Brain Center of Excellence in Pleven performed a unique brain surgery. After an epileptic seizure, a 64-year-old patient was brought to the hospital with right-sided hemiparesis and partial motor aphasia. Following a carcinoma of the large intestine, it was established that the patient had three brain metastasis in active zones. After conducting on-site contrast MRI and navigation protocol, under the control of neuronavigated ultrasonography and neuromonitoring, the neurosurgeon doctor Emil Marinchev and his team performed a one-stage complex surgery with minimal surgical incisions (trepanations). Under optical zoom and by using ultrasound resection, all three metastasis were removed completely.

The patient was discharged after seven days post-operative hospital stay with normal neurological status and is successfully recovering.

We remind you that the neurologists from the Heart and Brain Center of Excellence announced an open day and free-of-charge consultations after making an appointment in advance at number 064 678400.

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