For the first time in Bulgaria: Innovative endoscopic surgery on a spine at the Heart and Brain Center of Excellence in Pleven

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The intervention, which required the highest level of competence, lasted for approximately an hour and a half. The team of neurosurgeons was led by the world-renowned spinal surgeon doctor Ralf Wagner. After the intervention, doctor Wagner said he was extremely impressed by his Bulgarian colleagues and the hospital as well.

Doctor Ralf Wagner: This type of surgery has a promising future not only in Bulgaria but all around the world and Europe. Patients prefer minimally invasive surgery. This is the reason why it is developing so fast. Promising future lies ahead for this type of surgery.

Doctor Wagner is one of the world leaders in endoscopic spinal surgery with over 2500 interventions. His visit in Pleven is a step forward in the development of Bulgarian neurosurgery, said doctor Dimitar Haritanov, who was part of the team that performed the surgery.

Doctor Dimitar Haritanov, neurosurgeon: The incisions were extremely small , they spare the surrounding tissue and the surrounding organs, which could otherwise be affected during an open surgery, risk of bleeding is a lot smaller as well. Also, the recovery period is very short. Of course, this type of interventions are suited only for certain patients.

Later in the day, the team performed a second endoscopic surgery in the lumbar area. The innovative spinal interventions will continue to be routinely performed in the Heart and Brain Center of Excellence in Pleven.

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