The Neurosurgery Clinic of Heart and Brain Center of Excellence presented its work to 150 neurologists from across the entire country

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Neurosurgeons from across the entire country gathered in Pleven to attend a High Tech Neurosurgery Conference. Approximately 150 doctors discussed how modern technologies help to improve the quality of the surgical treatment at a reduced strain for the patients.

Leading German and Bulgarian specialists shared their experience in diagnostics in brain neurosurgery and endoscopic surgeries on the spine, which are new for Bulgaria.

Prof. Doctor Nikolay Raynov: “In the last 10 or 15 years modern technologies were introduced, which were not available before the advances in electronics and computer technology. In order for a neurosurgeon to be successful, he also needs to have available the necessary equipment.”

Prof. Volkmar Heidecke, visiting Bulgaria for the first time, introduced the latest innovations in the intraoperative imaging, which are used in the neurosurgery clinic in Augsburg.

Prof. Doctor Volkmar Heidecke: “For the neurosurgeons who have mastered modern technology there is a lot of potential, for example an accuracy of a hundredth of the millimeter to measure the position of the instruments in the surgical field and this way they can reduce the surgical injury for the patient.”

The only hybrid operating room in Bulgaria, which has available equipment for intraoperative imaging has been running for a few months in Pleven. Trainings for Bulgarian neurosurgeons have been planned in the future in this hybrid OR, allowing them to keep up with the latest innovations without the need to travel to Western clinics.

You can read the entire article in Bulgarian here.

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