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More and more families with children and expectant mothers from Northern Bulgaria, Sofia and the whole country choose ‘Mama and I’

The first (in 55 years) newly built dedicated clinic for maternal and child health ‘Mama and I’ opened its doors on 1st June this year – at full capacity. The admiration is universal, it is growing, and there is a reason why! The expertise of the doctors and highly qualified teams is at European level. The clinic is part of the high-tech hospital complex ‘Heart and Brain’ in Pleven and has the comprehensive support and advanced structure of the leading hospital in the country. ‘Mama and I’ relies on its well-developed specialist diagnostics and treatment, as well as advances in research and teaching. It maintains links with leading centres in the United States and Europe.

Invested with great love and care, the professional expertise of ASB ‘Helvetia’ in the design and construction of modern hospitals has turned ‘Mama and I’ into a palace of care for expectant mothers and their offspring. The country’s unfamiliar facilities coupled with state-of-the-art medical technology and personalized care have made the clinic a national landmark in healthcare in a very short span of time.

First successes – hundreds of children treated in just one hundred days

In a little over three months, ‘Mama and I’ has raised the level of children’s healthcare in the country, and hundreds of young patients have gained access to medical care that children receive at the best clinics in Europe and the United States. The examples are many – the specialists in the neonatology department care around the clock for the most severe cases in newborns, reaching the needy families and other paediatric clinics thanks to a specialised ambulance – a resuscitation vehicle with an intensive transport cuvee and respirator. They have the most advanced and only in the region specialized equipment for artificial pulmonary ventilation for premature and preterm newborns with critically affected respiratory and cardiovascular activity. Pediatricians from Pleven have helped children with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) by providing all the necessary care and recently secured a vital machine for a child aged one year and eight months. Just a few days ago, a 10-year-old girl who came to ‘Mama and I’ especially from Germany was successfully operated on for a rare case of a perforated echinococcal cyst.

More and more expectant mothers from Northern Bulgaria, Sofia and all over the country are looking for and finding the best care and conditions for childbirth in Pleven, and already nearly 100 babies, including the first triplets, took their first breath in ‘Mama and I’.

With love and care for the little patients, mothers and families

Yesterday, the start of the new school year was also celebrated at ‘Mama and I’. Children and mothers of students who had to welcome the first day of school at the clinic were surprised with balloons and gifts – school supplies, presented with smiles by their doctors. “Our specialists are taking all the necessary care so that our little patients can soon get well and return to their peers at school,” said Dr. Velimir Simov, head of the pediatrics clinic. On behalf of the whole team of ‘Mama and I’ he wished the children to be healthy, curious about new knowledge, to return quickly to class and, of course, not to forget the games and great friendships.

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