Hybrid method of debranching and TEVAR brought back to life a patient with critical aortic dissection in ‘Heart and Brain’ Burgas

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Rapid intervention and teamwork of cardiac surgeons, invasive cardiologists, resuscitation and imaging specialists saved a human life through a hybrid method of aortic vessel debranching, extra anatomical bypass and TEVAR (endovascular implantation of vascular prosthesis).

A 64-year-old patient with acute dissection (wall rupture) of the distal aortic arch and the descending aorta was admitted as an emergency to Heart and Brain Burgas.

The Heart Тeam was quickly built – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Kornovski, Head of the Cardiac Surgery Clinic, Dr. Plamen Penchev, Head of Invasive Cardiology, and Dr. Tsvetan Gradinarov, Head of Cardiac Resuscitation, decided that the patient was indicated for an emergeny hybrid procedure – aortic arch debranching and TEVAR.

Read the full story here in Bulgarian.

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