The first robot-assisted urological surgeries in Heart and Brain in Burgas have started

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Urologists from the high-tech Heart and Brain Hospital have performed the first robot-assisted surgeries in the Burgas region with the da Vinci X four-handed system. The proctor was prof. Marin Georgiev, who has performed over 1200 robotic surgeries, console surgeon – Dr. Toni Statelov – Head of the Urology Department, and assistant – Dr. Angel Kirov.

The team performed radical prostatectomy on two patients diagnosed with carcinomas and one nephrectomy on a patient with a tumor in the kidney. Currently, all three are feeling great and recovering. The precision offered by robot-assisted surgery, the minimal invasiveness and the extensive experience of our specialists ensure a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and minimal blood loss.

In less than two months, the device has become an indispensable assistant to the thoracic and abdominal surgery and urology teams.

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