Patient reports about the new Heart and Brain hospital: I never thought that in Burgas there was such a high level medical service

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Businessman Stoyan Georgiev, who organizes some of the biggest exhibitions in the city, was admitted as an emergency patient to the new Heart and Brain Center of Excellence in Burgas a month ago. His condition is critical as the initial symptoms indicate the presence of a stroke.

“During my stay at Heart and Brain I was pleasantly surprised by the personal attitude and direct involvement of each of the doctors, specialists and hospital staff towards each and every patient. I have been admitted to hospital before, again in Burgas, which I do not want to reminisce about. I did not suspect at all that in our city, maybe even in Bulgaria, medical service and patient care is offered at such a high level.

I would like to thank prof. Dimitrov, Dr. Shterev, Dr. Lambova, Dr. Osman and the whole team of specialists at Heart and Brain for all the efforts they made for me. Stay healthy!”, Georgiev told Factor.

The full article is available here in Bulgarian.

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