Cardiologists at ‘Heart and Brain’ implant a sophisticated pacemaker in a 95-year-old female patient

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A high-tech pacemaker has been implanted in a 95-year-old woman who was admitted to the Cardiology Clinic of Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence on an emergency basis with a very slow heart rhythm. The official records show that this is the oldest patient in Bulgaria to have such a device implanted.

On admission to the clinic, the patient was taken over by Dr Nikolay Petrov. After investigations, he and his colleagues found that the woman was suffering from heart failure and had severely reduced heart pump function. Despite her advanced age and high-risk profile for complications, the team did not hesitate and made the decision to place a complex resynchronizing pacemaker.

“There was the option of implanting a standard pacemaker, but due to the risk of worsening heart failure in the future, my colleagues and I undertook the more technically complex procedure. The high-tech pacemaker not only stabilizes the heart rhythm but also treats heart failure. It is one of the few devices that reduces symptoms and prolongs the life of heart failure patients,” said Dr Petrov.

The entire procedure took 90 minutes and went without complications. The very next day, the 95-year-old patient left the clinic in good health. At the first follow-up examination, she said she felt an extraordinary improvement in her general condition.

“Age is no vice, but a privilege and regardless of the age of the patients, they should receive the best and most modern medical care”, the specialists from ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven are adamant.

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