The Vascular Surgery Clinic of ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven celebrates its sixth birthday

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The Vascular Surgery Clinic of the high-tech ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven celebrates its sixth anniversary. The bottom line is nearly 10 000 patients treated, more than 7 100 surgical interventions performed and a place among the three best vascular clinics in the country.

“We have extremely committed and dedicated doctors, nurses and staff who care for patients. Forming and stabilizing a vascular surgery clinic takes time. Over these six years, dozens of young colleagues – the next generation of vascular surgeons – have been trained at , Heart and Brain. Together we have walked this path and today we deservedly are one of the best clinics in the country”, says Dr. Todor Samardzhiev, head of the clinic. He is convinced that a good name is built not only with daily work, but also with constant upgrading of experience and knowledge.

In addition to excellent specialists, the clinic has one of the best facilities in the country, which is in no way inferior to the best clinics in the world. Patients have at their disposal all modern possibilities for diagnosis and surgical interventions of vascular diseases – open surgery, endovascular interventions and conservative treatment.

A team for endovascular surgery has been formed under Dr. Samardzhiev’s leadership – the preferred method of work of modern specialists due to the possibility of applying sparing, bloodless manipulations and faster recovery of patients. Prevention of diabetic foot complications by endovascular procedure prevents and postpones amputations of fingers and limbs in time. The combination of the different treatment approaches guides the team’s work and achieves long-term improvements in patients’ health and lives.

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