Heart and Brain’s Cardiology Clinic with global recognition for patient care and follow-up in clinical trial

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Excellent outcomes and approach to patients were confirmed in FDA report

Second place in the world for care and follow-up of patients in a clinical trial is another recognition for the Cardiology Clinic of , Heart and Brain Hospital’. The high ranking comes exactly two years after the clinic began participating in a number of clinical trials in 2021. The success was reported by prof. Iana Simova – Executive Director of the Bulgarian Cardiology Institute and Head of the Cardiology Clinic at ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven.

The clinical trial covers patients with established vascular disease who, despite drug therapy, continue to have high cholesterol values. Lowering LDL-cholesterol has been shown to reduce the risk of death, myocardial infarction, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. Patients should therefore be carefully monitored to select the most appropriate medication. If LDL levels remain high on the background of antilipid therapy, an upgrade of therapy is necessary. CETP inhibitors aim to block cholesterol ester transfer protein, which will result in a reduction in bad cholesterol levels and an increase in good cholesterol. This would avoid future cardiovascular events. All this with just the addition of one tablet daily to the concomitant therapy. Through their active work, Prof. Dr. Yana Simova’s team, composed of cardiologists and nurses, provided round-the-clock access to medical care for the enrolled patients, ensuring the possibility of new treatments and last but not least – contributed to the development of science.

“The good results are based on the dedication of the team, continuous communications and international meetings in order to exchange experiences, as well as on the good organisation in the follow-up of the patients – all visits ensure a comprehensive examination, and further tests and consultations are carried out on site if necessary. This is also possible thanks to the fact that the Centre is part of the Heart and Brain Hospital, where multidisciplinarity and high technology are at the heart of patient care”, said Prof. Simova. Thanks to its continuous work and development, the centre has already established itself as a leader in a number of clinical trials.

The good results and excellent approach to patient have been inspected and confirmed by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), the world’s most prestigious institution for quality and safety control related to public health.

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