Cancers are on rise in young people – ,Heart and Brain’ specialists’ advice

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Recently published scientific data reveals an alarming trend of increasing colon cancer cases under the age of 50. This represents a serious health and socio-economic problem. Early colorectal cancer differs from ‘classic’ later cases in terms of its epidemiological and pathological characteristics, as well as its metabolic and molecular genetic features. Increasingly, different teams of scientists are concluding that changes in the gut microbiome are involved in the development of colorectal cancer at an early age. This is shared by Dr. Lidiya Dimova, a specialist in molecular genetics and oncogenetics at ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven. She has extensive experience in research on the impact of the microbiome on individual susceptibility to some of the most common diseases in the elderly – cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, and in developing strategies for practical application of the findings in clinical practice. “Our genetics laboratory team is in constant contact with the world’s leading centres and is very motivated for great development,” she says.

The original article is available here in Bulgarian.

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