Neonatologists in ‘Mаma and I’ Pleven saved a 3-day-old baby

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Within the first hours of the start of the work, the team of the high-tech neonatal intensive care unit of ‘Mama and I’ Pleven went to Sevlievo Hospital with a specialized neonatal ambulance to take a newborn in critical condition. The baby had severe polyorgan failure and required complex intensive therapy. The doctors from ‘Mama and I’ Pleven provided specialized care already during the transport. Thanks to the experienced specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, all modern treatment methods were applied for several days and the newborn was stabilized. The paediatricians carried out an “exchange blood transfusion”, changing the baby’s blood twice with blood from a suitable donor.

Dr. Andrei Hristov added: “Today I feel fine, the child is already extubated and is breathing calmly. It is out of danger, it is fed. I would like to thank my colleagues, the midwives and the hospital management who spared no effort and brought things to a successful end. I am happy that the parents trusted us!”

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