Heart and Brain in Pleven received high recognition for its Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery Centre

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The complex oncology and radiosurgery centre of the high-tech hospital ‘Heart and Brain’ in Pleven is among the first selected on a global level for pilot work with a new generation of dosimetric systems in radiotherapy and radiosurgery. The two prototypes provided are extremely valuable because they provide an even better opportunity for precise radiation dosing in each patient thanks to the higher resolution.

“Precise dosing in radiotherapy and radiosurgery is extremely important for the patient and for the results of the treatment. The key to success is good teamwork between the radiotherapists, medical physicists and X-ray lab technicians. However, it is also crucial to have precise modern equipment, which I am glad we have and are able to work with. This ensures the highest level of treatment quality and additional peace of mind for our patients,” commented Ivo Petrov, Head of the Medical Physics Unit at the hospital, part of the interdisciplinary team involved in radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

The radiotherapy and radiosurgery centre in ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven has no analogue in the country and in the Balkans. It has the only Gamma Knife in Bulgaria – the most precise system for brain radiosurgery, with the latest generation of high-tech linear accelerator for radiotherapy and radiosurgery in the whole body, 4D CT scanner, top level dosimetry equipment and specialized planning systems.

The full article is available here in Bulgarian.

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