Prof. Iana Simova, MD, PhD cardiologist

She graduated from the Medical University in Sofia and defended her doctorate thesis in medicine at the Alexandrovska Hospital. She specialized in cardiology at the National Cardiology Hospital and in Italy, under the guidance of leading specialists in echocardiography. She became associate professor in 2015.

Assoc. Prof. Simova is a leading specialist in echocardiography in Bulgaria, she held several management positions, including the European Society of Cardiology and the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging. She performs comprehensive research, diagnosis and treatment of patients with syncope (transient loss of consciousness/seizure), including telemedicine and telecardiology (an innovative field in medicine that allows constant online patient monitoring from a distance), stress tests of the heart, analysis of the function of the vessels.

Assoc. Prof. Simova has been awarded numerous prizes for scientific achievements, including the prestigious award for High Scientific Achievements of the Bulgarian Scientists Union. A widely demanded lecturer in national and international congresses and training modules. Sh e is editor of six journals, with over 330 scientific publications.

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